Gonzalo De Vera
Gonzalo De VeraProject Engineer

Gonzalo, a native Argentinian, began his career at the University of Rosario where he received his degree in architecture and began to exercise his love for design.  He spent time as a level-one architect for Dow Chemical, the world’s largest chemical company where he worked on the design of several chemical reactors.  A career change brought Gonzalo to the United States, where he joined CJC Design and Construction Group in designing the subterranean layout of 2,800 gas stations in just seven years.  A small role change within the company catapulted Gonzalo into the construction side of the industry, where he spent four years as an on-site Project Engineer.  His new role meant overseeing and managing the underground construction of projects similar to those he had previously designed and managing relationships with clients such as Shell, Chevron, ARCO, and Conoco Phillips.

Before joining the ConAm team in 2014, Gonzalo furthered his education and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from California State University, Fullerton.  As a Project Engineer at ConAm, Gonzalo works closely with the design team of each project to review plans and ensure efficiency and practicality of each design.  In doing so, he is able to minimize potential design discrepancies as well as change order requests to ensure a smooth preconstruction process.  Gonzalo’s cumulative experience in design and on-site project management have allowed him to thrive in the industry and has equipped him with the knowledge to foresee and tackle logistical errors before they are impact a project.

Gonzalo spends his free time with his wife and two children, and enjoys off-shore fishing.