Brian Askov
Brian AskovSuperintendent

Brian brings nearly two decades of experience to the ConAm Building Co. team.  At the age of 14, Brian began spending his summers on-site, helping provide labor for his father’s drywall company.  It was at this age that he developed an interest for building and for construction.  At 18 years old, Brian furthered his experience by attending an apprenticeship school for union carpenters under Sierra Lathing and became an apprentice installing steel studs and drywall in commercial buildings.  By 24, Brian had become a foreman and was responsible for crews of fifty or more.  Later, Brian completed a program for construction management which led him to become a superintendent.  For over a decade, Brian has worked as a project superintendent completing large-scaled commercial and medical projects.  He has completed a significant amount of work on higher education campuses, modern restaurants, and multi-family properties.  His diverse experience makes Brian nimble and able to adapt to the high demand environments of any jobsite.  His many years managing large crews has equipped him with the ability to lead and communicate, ensuring tasks are completed correctly and on-time.  On a daily basis, Brian is responsible for managing on-site crews while working closely with the project manager and client, working diligently to ensure the client’s needs and expectations are met.