Known as one of the region’s foremost destinations, the Figueroa Corridor connects USC and Exposition Park to downtown Los Angeles by way of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Completed in 1998, the redevelopment of Figueroa Street has created a thoroughfare of thriving districts for educational, cultural, athletic, and entertainment activities as well as financial, multimedia, retail, and culinary businesses. For an institution like USC, this transformation meant a more desirable environment for students, faculty and staff; a place for leisure and a more efficient way of connecting the campus to the vibrant atmosphere of downtown Los Angeles.
Since its initial redevelopment in 1998, the Figueroa corridor has begun additional redevelopment efforts, including revamping walkways, bike paths and intersections to accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers alike. Property owners and tenants like USC and The Shammas Group are embracing this change and revamping a number of their properties as well. Lucky for us at ConAm Building Co., we have had the opportunity to cultivate relationships with prominent entities like USC and The Shammas Group, and collaborate on a number of improvements and re-build projects within the Figueroa Corridor.
Over the last five years, ConAm has built a strong relationship with the real estate team at USC, consistently performing as the prime contractor on many projects. With a majority of the contracted work being medical clinic, research, and lab space, USC has trusted ConAm with a number of redevelopment projects along the Figueroa Corridor. With projects at the LA Memorial Coliseum, University Gateway, and several scattered properties leading to Downtown, ConAm is proud to have partnered with USC in their efforts to revamp LA’s historic Figueroa Corridor.

With a dominant presence in the downtown Los Angeles community as one of the largest auto property owners, The Shammas Group has also played a significant role in the development and redevelopment of the Figueroa Corridor. The company’s CEO sits on the board of directors for the Figueroa Corridor, so it’s no surprise that they have decided to redesign a number of their properties to compliment the plans for a refreshed and pedestrian-friendly corridor. On the corner of Figueroa and Washington, Trammell Crow and ConAm Building Co. have begun construction on one of the first Shammas Group properties to be redeveloped – a 290-thousand square-foot, multi-tier Toyota dealership built lot line to lot line. This design has eliminated the traditional sales lot, and brings the hospitality-oriented showroom to the sidewalk. This pedestrian-friendly storefront and retail façade encompasses the vision for the new corridor and will set the standard for new dealerships and businesses along Figueroa.

USC and The Shammas Group are not the only principals at work within the corridor. Big name developers and private companies alike have joined forces with the ConAm Building Co. team to recreate their image of a new Figueroa Corridor. It is through these trusted relationships and hard work that ConAm building Co. is leaving their mark on this historic thoroughfare and proudly reshaping this beloved Los Angeles community. With a growing presence in Los Angeles and Southern California, ConAm prides themselves on its ability to adapt to these fast-paced markets and outperform their competitors.