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Building Safer, More Prosperous Communities in LA, Dakoro and Tigray

Since our inception, ConAm Building Co. has placed an unwavering importance on serving the community and assisting populations in need.

Though we are committed to providing our clients with an exceptional product, our mission far exceeds the desire to achieve industry success or recognition; instead our mission focuses on using our skills to exercise our passion of building communities that prosper. For years, ConAm has partnered with charity: water, linking many projects to their cause and ultimately helping to bring safe, clean drinking water to those who lack access to this fundamental need. In 2016, ConAm Building Co. donated $60,000 dollars on behalf of two projects and their project teams. Today, we are proud to share what those funds are doing and how they are being used to make a difference in this world.

On behalf of the newly completed Toyota of Downtown Los Angeles, ConAm donated $50,000, which is now being used to change the lives of the men, women, and children of Niger. Located in the Maradi Region of Niger is Dakoro, a region 630,000 people call home. Sadly, 43% of these individuals are left without access to clean, safe drinking water. Our funds, and collaboration with charity: water are changing that for the people of Dakoro. Dakoro is scattered with open wells that once were sources to fresh water. The women and children travel to the wells, lowering buckets tied to donkeys drawing water from the earth. However, Dakoro consistently experiences harsh winds, contaminating the wells with sand, debris and unhealthy particles making the well water unsafe for use. charity: water is collaborating with World Vision Niger to use our funds to change the lives of the people in Dakoro. New wells are being built throughout Dakoro; built with covers that will keep harmful dust and debris from polluting the water complete with mechanized pipe systems that will bring the water closer to the villages. To date, our funds have helped enable five new wells to be drilled, twenty nonfunctioning wells to be rehabilitated, and three new pipe systems to be constructed. The people of Dakoro not only have access to clean, safe water, but the women and children are already walking less to collect their water. This speaks volumes for the future health and prosperity of the Dakoro community.

The other $10,000 donated on behalf of ConAm and our Trillium Courtyard Renovation project of Woodland Hills, are hard at work in Tigray. Tigray is the northernmost region of Ethiopia, where more than 5 million people reside. Sadly, more than half of those men, women, and children are without safe drinking water; until now that is. charity: water has partnered with a local organization called the Relief Society of Tigray (REST), and together they have used our funds to assist in building 398 new wells, rehabilitating eight broken wells, and completing ten water projects that include sanitation facilities. An incredible impact for the region of Tigray, home to hardworking moms, early-rising farmers, and children with adult responsibilities.

It is our hope that not only the health of the Tigray and Dakoro people be transformed, but that their lifestyles and economy begin to flourish. In making long, water-collecting commutes a thing of the past, the children of these communities will be given the opportunity to attend school or learn a trade. The women will be afforded the opportunity to better care for their families and contribute to the growing economy of their community. Each individual will be given a fair chance to prosper and live healthy, happy lives. We at ConAm Building Co. have always believed that new beginnings are on the horizon; our outlook has changed. In partnering with charity: water, we now believe those new beginnings are finally here.

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