Recent studies report that approximately 75,000 hospital patients die each year due to a secondary infection contracted during their stay; cross contamination during hospital remodels is a leading cause of this.  The removal of walls, ceilings and flooring can release infectious agents into the air, and if not handled properly, can be dangerous for immune-compromised patients.  As a result, the Infectious Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) guidelines were formulated and have been strictly enforced on healthcare campuses across the country.  ConAm recognizes the dangers associated with an active on-campus project, and we make Infection control our top priority.  We have proudly partnered with Aire Guardian to maximize our infection control containment strategies.  We use top of the line, customizable, hard-walled containment systems, coupled with negative air machines and complimented by state of the art air pressure monitors to ensure a dependable seal on all healthcare sites.  Because we place such an importance on stress the proper containment of these critical environments, the use of these containment systems have become the ConAm standard on all healthcare sites.