It is my belief that the simplest problems, the ones we can change, are our responsibility. If we can make a difference, a trackable, tangible difference, then we must do something to push that change. After learning about the worldwide water crisis, ConAm chose to help enact that change. We know our efforts are small and the problems large. But we are proud of the small differences we can make with our One-Project – One Village platform. If we can provide one child a chance of living a full life; if we can help a family avoid fatal sickness caused by water-born disease, then our small efforts are huge.

A 27-year-old Bintou Coumare in the village of Mali, a republic bordered by Algeria and Niger, used to wake up before sunrise and spend three hours each morning waiting in line to collect dirty water from an open well outside her village. The 800-year-old hole in the ground was one of few water sources available in the area. She remembers when she was 11 years old; the diarrhea and vomiting that her family experienced from the unclean water. Now she sings as she fires pots, bowls and dishes, selling them to friends or families in neighboring villages, providing for her loved ones – just one aspect of how a ready supply of clean water can change lives.

CONAM has recently partnered with the Charity: Water to help bring clean, accessible water to impoverished areas around the world. Through One-Project – One Village, we turn our clients’ partnerships into life-saving nourishment.

By providing untainted water to these poverty-stricken countries, we are saving lives. Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people each year that all forms of violence, including war. Every 19 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness. The United Nations predicts that we can prevent one-tenth of the world’s entire disease burden simply by improving the water supply and sanitation.

Partnering with CBRE and QBE First, in Nepal, 425 students and teachers of Shree Sitaram Higher Secondary School now have access to pure drinking water. This school received a much-needed water filtration system. Before this project was constructed, the school had limited. or, no access to clean and safe drinking water. Now groundwater is purified through ultraviolet, carbon, and ultrafiltration systems and piped to drinking stations at the school. To improve hygiene and keep students healthy, hand-washing stations were also built. With the help of our clients, this great project was completed in September of 2014.

Each project brings its own set of challenges, depending upon population size, terrain, and water resources. Charity: Water has provided hand-dug and drilled wells, rainwater catchments, gravity-fed, piped, and water purification systems, BioSand filters, spring protections, and latrines. And we will continue to do so wherever there is a need.

The need is so great. Charity: Water is a notable charity. 100% of the proceeds raised by this charity go directly to funding clean water worldwide.

As a client of CONAM, you are a partner as we continue to reach out to eliminate the water crisis around the world. One-Project – One Village at a time!