Safety, communication, pre-planning and Cleanliness are the key components to any tenant-occupied construction project.It is imperative that there is as little disruption as possible to daily routines in a commercial environment while the project is taking place.

ConAm has successfully completed complex renovations in commercial buildings, allowing employees to go about their daily routines with little notice of on-going construction. We ensure that all clients are safe and up to speed through extensive pre-planning and daily detailed project reporting with the client this is all part of our focused attention to detail.

ConAm makes certain that field supervisors, employees and subcontractors know that addressing the clients’ concerns and preventing potential problems are as important as the actual construction work itself.

Logistical details are at the center of our high-profile renovations. Employees who work in buildings where construction is taking place oftentimes have to deal with hassles in terms of sound control and privacy. Our attention to detail eliminates many of the common complaints typical in these builds. Some projects require shifting these workers into a “swing space” – temporary office space that is under-utilized, clean, and away from the construction work. This may not be possible, however. In that case, safe walkways and walled-off areas may be necessary around, in, or near the construction site.

There is naturally some curiosity for residents who feel an “ownership” of their surroundings. We take great care and vigilance on behalf of all workers at the site to ensure that employees stay within the safe zones, and that our construction equipment and work zone is properly safed off from curiosity Always being aware that we are in their “house” is important in each space build-out we take on. We provide workers in occupied premises adequate information, instruction and training to identify and control risks associated with their work on-site. Adequate signs and barriers are installed before commencement of any work.

At the planning stage, ConAm project managers establish all site specific special precautions that must be taken and document all project specific procedure. Occupied space build outs can be significantly more challenging than a standard build because contractors have to deal with unknowns. To combat this, before any work is started, ConAm Building Co openly collaborates with all project team members. We then produce a risk assessment workflow and project safety outline to reflect any special and site specific precautions. A ConAm Building Co project is unrivaled in our level of cleanliness further allowing for a smooth occupied build.

Build-outs of occupied premises presents its own set of trials. But ConAm Building Co. has experience and unmatched success with these build-outs with little disruption and on-time, on-budget completion.